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Pet Pulse Oximetry Veterinary Service In Port Charlotte, FL

Pet Pulse Oximetry

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Pet Pulse Oximetry

A non-invasive technique for determining the oxygen saturation of haemoglobin (SpO2) in arterial blood is pulse oximetry.
Is it ideal? Is it the gold standard? No, the gold standard is an arterial blood gas (ABG). As a result of arterial blood gas sampling’s difficulty, it is sometimes only used in seriously ill canine patients, making pulse oximetry the standard bedside diagnostic for determining oxygenation.

In the end, we must concentrate on the reading. The reading in a healthy person should be at least > 95-96 percent (with 98-100 percent preferred). More importantly, make sure you evaluate both the patient and the aforementioned factors (i.e., does it reflect the patient’s clinical signs? When the pulse oximeter reads 62 percent, is the patient breathing normally? Machine error! The pulse oximeter has several downsides, but it is a fantastic bedside, non-invasive measurement of SpO2 and pulse rate and is a crucial tool to have in your practise!