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About Us

The Veterinary Emergency Clinic provides services when your primary veterinarian is not available. No appointment is necessary, but we advise that you call ahead so we can prepare for your pet’s arrival. Our hospital is specifically designed to provide state of the art emergency care. Our veterinarians and technicians are highly qualified and trained to handle emergency procedures.

Because of our role as a support service for our referring hospitals, our doctors can both advise owners and work with your primary veterinarian regarding decisions on the level of care to provide for your pet.

The Veterinary Emergency Clinic believes that it is our responsibility to you to always offer the best when assessing the prognosis and to honestly guide you, the owner, towards making the right decision. Ultimately, our goal is to support our patients by providing specialized care and a healing environment that includes relief from pain and distress.

We are designed to only be an extension of your primary veterinarian and offer emergency care when your primary veterinarian is not available. You can be confident that your primary veterinarian will be notified of all your pet’s information and that they will be able to continue to provide you and your pet with the best in quality care.

While an emergency is unfolding, throughout recovery from a serious illness or accident, diagnostic and therapeutic care and constant monitoring of your pet’s condition is our first priority.

American Animal Hospital Association

The Veterinary Emergency Clinic is an accredited member of the American Animal Hospital Association. This is the only organization that accredits veterinary practices in the U.S. and Canada, the American Animal Hospital Association sets the highest standard for quality care. AAHA evaluates us on over 900 quality standards that encompass all aspects of pet care – ranging from patient care and pain management, to team training and medical record keeping. AAHA standards are continuously updated to keep accredited practices at the forefront of veterinary medicine. This helps us to give you the pet owner a peace of mind knowing that you can trust us to provide the very best care for your beloved pet.


Primary Doctor
Is a veterinarian that serves the pet owner as their primary client. The culture of the hospital is geared to providing quality service to retain the pet owners as long-term clients.
Referral Hospital
A dedicated referral hospital that serves practicing veterinarians as their primary client. The culture of the hospital is geared to providing quality service to the referring veterinarian to retain them as long-term clients. The success of our hospital is measured by the degree of confidence the referring veterinarian have in our staff.

Q & A

How are we different than your primary veterinarian?
We do not provide any routine healthcare medicine and only concentrate on keeping your pet comfortable and contribute to the outcome of your pet’s medical situation.
Will it cost more when I come to the emergency clinic versus my primary veterinarian?
Like your veterinarian, there are many factors that go into how fees are determined. Because we have staff during evening hours, holidays and weekends we need to compensate them for working these hours. Upon arrival at our hospital, your pet will receive an initial examination and evaluation by our veterinarian. All patients will be charged an emergency fee that covers this initial examination.